CLE Accreditation Request

Please Read These Instructions Carefully Before Continuing

Columbia Law School has been accredited as an approved provider of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit by the New York State Bar. We can issue New York State CLE credit for approved programs run in-house, and based out of New York State and Washington D.C. The Law School is not approved to offer CLE in any other jurisdictions. We can accredit live, in-person or online programs that satisfy the regulations set forth by the State CLE Board.

The Executive Education Office oversees the Law School’s CLE program and must approve all requests for the offering of CLE credit. The CLE Board, in turn, monitors the Law School’s compliance with its requirements and reserves the right to withdraw our status as an approved provider if we fail to comply.

Each CLE program is assessed on a case by case basis, and additional documentation and information may need to be supplied after submission of this form.

Basic requirements for offering CLE credit:
  1. The primary purpose of the program should be to improve the professional legal competencies of attorneys in one of the categories of credit (see the form below) and must be tailored to suit a legal audience. 
  2. Each session must last a minimum of 50 minutes (without breaks). Q&A must not be substantial if it is to be included as part of the calculation.
  3. The program should be held in the New York State area.
  4. Each session must have:
    • at least one reading provided to the attendees that is substantial and legally related; and
    • at least one practicing attorney (in good standing in any jurisdiction) serving as a presenter 

If you are a member of the Law School community and are hosting a program that you believe meets these requirements and would like to seek CLE accreditation for your participants, please complete this form in its entirety no fewer than three weeks before the program start.

IMPORTANT: The "Save as Draft" button at the bottom of the page will only allow current CLS students to save their draft and return to complete it. If you are a faculty or administration member and would like to be able to save a draft submission, please email cle@law.columbia.edu before clicking the "Save as Draft" button.

Please note that on Page 2, you will be asked to upload a number of documents:
  1. A detailed timed agenda for your program
  2. Bios of all faculty including their bar membership
  3. The required readings for your attendees
  4. A good standing attestation from at least one faculty member for each session